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"...I had the transformative experience of studying The Alexander Technique with Laura. She used gentle, effective, informative and explorative techniques to help guide me through exercises designed to calm anxiety, build mind-body connection, drain muscular tension, effect poise and encourage proper body movement for speaking, walking, sitting, relaxing and even playing violin...She is very well educated about anatomy, movement, psychology, meditation and connection of mind to body. I highly recommend Laura, especially if looking for a gentle, informative, kind and effective way to take your practice to the next level..."


Jessica Bostwick // Director of Development Sales The DevStar Group


"Laura is a gem of a person and she is amazing at what she does! The best way I can describe her is that she is like a combination of an Alexander Technique teacher, scientist, anatomist, therapist, and dear friend all rolled into one person. Laura has helped me figure out how to dramatically reduce the pain that I use to experience when playing the flute and performing other daily activities. My breathing has improved significantly, as has my understanding of the use of my body and my own tendencies physically and emotionally. Laura has a warm and accepting attitude towards teaching the technique and an intelligent and unique way of explaining concepts, which has helped me to progress quickly. Since I met this fantastic AT teacher, I have made tremendous progress in my ability to play music comfortably and expressively with increasingly free movement and confidence. I have also benefited from more efficient use of my body and breathing in the context of my yoga practice as well as my work as a veterinarian. I am so grateful!"


Eve Harrison // VMD, CVA, Flautist, Yoga Instructor, Veterinarian


I had been wanting to try Alexander Technique as therapy for a while. But it was not until a very good friend of mine recommended Laura Kress that I decided to try it. The moment I started working with her I was blown away. The way she works with you makes you feel calm, and most importantly she was able to manage my pain.

She was also instrumental in encouraging and guiding me in search for relaxation. She made me realize that I need to spend more time meditating, taking time to breath, and these things have been key for me. She is also very flexible, and willing to experiment with things that I needed help.

The few hours I was with her I didn’t have any pain and that’s saying a lot for me, if just an hour a week I don’t have pain, that makes me extremely thankful.


Isabel Escalante // Violinist